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About Us 

Byākhyā is a consulting agency for social development projects.


We offer specialised interventions to design, implement and monitor development measures on behalf of governments, non-government organisations and corporate clients.

Our services include research, strategic planning, impact assessment, operational and market development services.


Our projects are primarily India-based.

The Interpretive Mindset
"There are no facts, only interpretations"
Friedrich Nietzsche

We understand that one size does not fit all. That the same words mean different things in different contexts. The world is many-hued.


Hence, Byākhyā. Assamese word, derived from Sanskrit Vyākhyā (व्याख्या), meaning interpretation or exposition


As conscious interpreters, we are committed to

- consolidating varied interests and accommodating multiple stakeholders in social action

- bridging the space between boardroom and courtyard, intellect and emotion, giver and receiver

- prioritising community voices and ground up impetus for social change

- listening, observing and, having heard, responding

- assimilating and contextualising locally to enable informed decision making.

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